Mar 11, 2016

3 Stars Brewing Madness

You don’t really see that many old ales (or stock ales) on shelves all that much these days — unless it’s infused with some sort of esoteric tropical fruit juice, but I digress. It’s a style of beer that probably isn’t as popular as some, but much like a good barleywine, old ales can be quite the treat. Usually rich and malty with a good amount of alcohol the style is ideal for cold Winter evenings, just like this bottle of 3 Stars Brewing Madness that I enjoyed in early January.

This big 12.4% ABV brew is also the best from the Washington D.C. brewery that I’ve had thus far. It checks all the marks for the style — solid malt background, warming finish — but also has some unique flavors and an interesting bit of yeastiness that lingers long after each swallow. An old ale is supposed to carry a touch of dark fruit and Madness certainly has that with a nearly jammy fruit character and a good amount of sweetness to join that alcohol warmth.

I would imagine that Madness would be a good beer to age. It’s certainly big enough alcohol-wise and the extra yeasty character should help out as well. I might just have to pick up another bottle to set down for some time.