Nov 8, 2016

Adroit Theory Bourbon Barrel Imagination Atrophy

In my short history with Adroit Theory, I’ve probably encountered more off beers than good. Whether it’s an American Strong Ale “not brewed to style” or, as is the case with this particular beer, a barrel aged product that shows signs of nefarious happenings. This bottle of Bourbon Barrel Imagination Atrophy isn’t full blown infected, but there is a twinge of tartness that hits the sides of the tongue with each sip. And that’s a shame, too, as I really liked the base beer when I enjoyed it last year.

I’m not sure what type of quality control the brewery employs, but they need to do better — especially given the prices at which they sell their products. As stated, the issues with this bottle aren’t as bad as some that I have purchased in the past, but it’s enough to ruin the experience. The cocoa and milk of the base stout do show through, but that tartness is at enough of a level that’s too much to ignore.

This isn’t the first bottle of a barrel-aged beer from Adroit Theory that has had problems and, unfortunately, I think it may be my last. And that hurts to type as the company can make a damn good beer, but the unpredictability of what I may get with each purchase is too great.