Oct 20, 2016

Adroit Theory Love of the Damned

Adroit Theory’s Love of the Damned is a 9.6% ABV old ale that has had port must added. At which point in the process it was added, I don’t know, but its influence on the beer is evident right away. Much like my experience with any Adroit beer that I purchase, I never really know what to expect. Some have been good, some not so much.

Love of the Damned is a beer that grew on me the more and more I drank it. The combination of a sweet malt base and old vinous notes from the port must worked surprisingly well with one another. Caramel, plums, herbal notes, anise and a good bit of booziness are all present and smoothly wash over the palate, leaving a lasting impression after each sip.

This beer is quite unique. The addition of the must certainly makes for an interesting experience. I’d like to sample the original brew to fully see how the vinous influence really altered the flavors. But when all is said and done, Love of the Damned is a solid brew that warms nicely.