Mar 7, 2016

Atlas Brew Works La Saison des Fêtes

La Saison des Fêtes is my first experience with Washington, DC’s Atlas Brew Work. Normally first beer impressions usually go one of two ways — I either like the beer or I don’t. It’s a pretty simple process. With this 7.1% ABV Belgian-style ale, however, my encounter wasn’t as clear cut. The brew is labeled as a saison, but the beer portrays itself as many other things. A black saison? Sure. A peppery Belgian dubbel? Also possible.

I’m not sure that I would classify this offering from Atlas Brew Works as a saison — I’m just not sure what I would call it. The flavor profile is often confusing, but it’s warming nature was ideal for the cold January afternoon on which I drank it. As challenging as La Saison des Fêtes comes across, I still enjoyed it well enough.