Sep 1, 2016

Birra Amarcord Volpina

With so many beers on shelves, it’s important for a bottle or label to stand out amongst the crowd. Birra Amarcord’s Volpina does just that with a unique bottle shape and inviting label artwork — the certainly played a part in my purchase. Unfortunately, that’s really all about the beer that is intriguing.

Billed as a red ale, Volpina presents itself more like a strong ale with a more potent alcohol warmth than expected and a fairly middle-of-the-road character. The beer has a decent flavor and body, but there’s just not a whole lot here that really stands out like the packaging. Malt, a decent sweetness, soft roast and caramel all work well with one another as the beer finishes dryly.

Volpina isn’t a bad beer by any means — it’s very comfortable sitting in the middle of the road. I guess this is just a matter of looks not being everything.