Oct 13, 2016

Breckenridge Brewery Releases Latest in the Stranahan’s Well Built Collaboration

Photo: Breckenridge Brewery Stranahan’s Well Built

Press Release

Littleton, CO – October 12, 2016 Two of Colorado’s most iconic brands have released the next iteration of Stranahan’s Well Built, a collaboration between Breckenridge Brewery and Stranahan’s® Colorado Whiskey . This modern barrel-aged version of the historic Burton Ale is a soul-satisfying malty ale with complexity and allure made possible by this unique Colorado collaboration.

“The fusion of sweet, rich undertones from our Burton Ale with the delicious whiskey and oaky flavors from Stranahan’s barrels is a marriage made in heaven,” explained Todd Usry, President of Breckenridge Brewery. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s a collaboration we’re very proud of.”

Enjoying a longstanding friendship, the two companies created their first Well Built beer in 2012 when they were located just a few blocks apart on Kalamath Street in Denver. After several releases, the beer had a strong following, but took a hiatus due to capacity constraints for both companies. Stranahan’s has since expanded its space, and Breckenridge built a larger brewery several miles down the road. With more space to innovate, the opportunity to bring Well Built back to market presented itself. “We couldn’t be happier to make Well Built available again,” said Usry.

“I’m excited to partner again with our friends at Breckenridge Brewery and create another product that celebrates everything we love about Colorado,” said Rob Dietrich, Master Distiller of Stranahan’s. “At Stranahan’s, we focus on creating an American single malt whiskey different from anything East or West of the Rockies, and we believe that Well Built is a beer that is representative of that quality and passion.”

To create Well Built, Breckenridge Brewery settles the base Burton-style ale into freshly-emptied, whiskey-soaked barrels from Stranahan’s. After a few months the toffee notes in the beer mingle with the flavors of finely crafted whiskey and charred American white oak barrels. As part of the close collaboration, Breckenridge timed the brewing and conditioning of its beer with an upcoming release of Stranahan’s: so that the beer is ready when the barrels are super fresh and just emptied of whiskey so they can fill them right away.

Well Built is shipping to key markets now. The small batch beer is packaged in 750ml cork and cage bottles and can also be found on draft in select tap rooms.

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