Jan 5, 2016

Brothers Craft Brewing Eight Bells

I didn’t know much about Brothers Brewing Eight Bells when I bought it other than what the label was telling me. Self-described as blueberry french toast, this brew is a 5.3% ABV winter warmer crafted with, well, blueberries, maple syrup and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. And while Eight Bells dos have a solid malt base, I personally don’t get the impression of french toast.

I don’t know if the initial impression of the beer was tainted with a head that wanted to grow over the top of my glass upon a standard poor or not, but the flavors of this one never really came together for me. Much like other “gimmick” products that use peanut butter or other ingredients to take on a memorable flavor combination, Eight Bells is a bit muddled.

All of the individual flavors are present and tend to stand out on their own, but none quite come together quite as well as I had hoped. Eight Bells isn’t a bad beer by any means. I’m not sure if something went awry with the carbonation or if this one needs a little more time in the bottle to fully come together. I’ll be sure to pick up another bottle if I see one and set it aside to test.