Jun 8, 2016

The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday

The Bruery’s Black Tuesday is the stout that this company is mostly known for, but it’s a beer that has eluded me for many years. As luck would have it, I just happened across a bottle of their So Happens It’s Tuesday — a beer described by the brewery as “… more affable format, reminding us that there is always a bit of good to be found within the bad.” I’m not able to compare this with the more notorious sibling, but I can tell you that this 14% ABV imperial stout is outstanding.

A smooth array of dark roast coffee, cocoa, barrel influence (vanilla, wood, bourbon) and molasses are carried on a lightly viscous mouthfeel. The brew is sweet for an imperial stout, but not so much that it affects the experience dramatically. I’d personally like it a bit less sweet, but the beer is still damn good regardless.

I thoroughly enjoyed So Happens It’s Tuesday and its rich character. This is not a beer that you really want to tackle on your own as I did. At this level of potency — and sweetness — this is a beer meant for sharing with others. That said, I’m glad i selfishly kept this decadent brew to myself.