Oct 24, 2016

The Bruery Mélange No. 14

There are few breweries active right now that blend various beers as well as The Bruery — maybe Firestone Walker and their anniversary concoctions. Mélange No. 14 is a blend of barrel-aged ale (85%) and imperial stout (15%) that presents itself nicely as an old ale or American strong ale. This brew is rich and complex with layers of flavors and, yet, is also incredibly smooth.

Smooth bourbon and old wood dominate for the most part, while caramel, molasses, coffee, cocoa, dark fruits, vanilla and anise all make an appearance in varying degrees with each sip. The full-bodied beer carries the velvety smooth beer and the dynamic combination of flavors effortlessly across the palate before finishing with a long lasting impression and a solid glow of warmth in the chest.

Mélange No. 14 boggles the mind, not because it confuses the taste buds, but because it is both complex and deceptively smooth all at the same time. The Bruery have an outstanding beer with this particular blend. It presents a range of flavors that work so well with one another. Enjoy now, or let this big brew (13.4% ABV) sit for a few more years and see how much more complex/smooth it could get.