Jul 28, 2016

Cascade Brewing Blackcap Raspberry

This bottle of Cascade’s Blackcap Raspberry (2015 project) was the last of the original six bottles I purchased when the company first started showing up on shelves in Virginia. It intrigued me the most so I decided to keep it as the final review of the series (although, I have since bought more bottles since). This 7.6% ABV wild ale is a blend of wheat and blonde ales that were aged for up to 14 months in oak barrels with, yep you guessed it, blackcap raspberries.

The result is an outstanding beer that is packed full of juicy berry character and a solid tartness that puckers the mouth, leaving a long lasting acidic tartness behind. The brew is assertive in that regard, but also a bit one-dimensional when compared with the other five products that I have previously reviewed. It’s not that it isn’t packed with flavor — it’s just that it’s mostly berries and tartness. There are hints of wood and a light vinous quality lingering, but their influence is light.

Blackcap Raspberry may not be as complex as the others, but it more than hit the spot on an afternoon in which I spent replacing fence posts in 90° heat. It was a refreshing and re-invigorating experience that gave my tastebuds a swift kick in the pants. I will certainly pick up more of this if it ever comes around again.