Aug 17, 2016

Cascade Cranberry

If I had to pick, I would have to say that the cranberry is my least favorite berry. I haven’t liked it in any previous beers I’ve encountered, I avoid it during Thanksgiving and stay away from the kid’s juice when I spy it in the fridge. Cascade Brewing’s Cranberry, a 6.9% ABV sour ale, however, is one beer that uses that little red berry to great effectiveness. The fruit presence mingles smoothly with a solid amount of barrel influence and a moderate amount of tartness within this delicate brew.

This tasty brew isn’t nearly as tart or as sour as many from the company, but it still packs a good amount of pucker which suits the overall refined nature presented. Oak, cranberry and floral hints mingle within the peachy-colored brew in a nicely balanced fashion. The beer isn’t overly sweet, too tart or overwhelmingly dry — it’s just a solid, well rounded brew.

To illustrate just how smooth a sour ale Cranberry is, my wife — not typically a fan of this style of beer — called it delightful. Which was both great and disheartening. I’m thrilled she loved it but also saddened that I had to share with her. I’m selfish that way — I wanted this beer all to myself.