Feb 16, 2016

Devils Backbone Stringduster

Last week, I took a look at Devils Backbone Beta Max from one of the company’s seasonal variety packs. Next up is Stringduster, a 4.4% ABV multi-grain pale ale, that arrived in the same box. There’s not a great deal of information available regarding this particular brew, but I do know that it’s been brewed with barley, wheat malt, flaked corn and toasted wheat.

The result isn’t your typical pale ale. It’s not a “hoppy” brew, but instead comes across the palate with a bit of a pilsner-like character, mostly due to solid grain backbone and drying finish. Stringduster is a refreshing brew that certainly offers something different than your standard example of the style and is the perfect diversion in a mixed package like this 12-beer offering from Devils Backbone.