Jan 11, 2016

Dogfish Head Higher Math

For the past twenty years, Sam Calagione and his Dogfish Head Brewery have been creating beers that have challenged the norm and and redefined what many had defined as beer. As the company’s slogan indicates, there’s only one way to celebrate such a momentous occasion as two decades in business: with a big, off-centered ale.

Higher Math is a massive American strong ale, weighing in at 17% ABV. The anniversary release was fermented with sour cherry juice before being aged for an amount of time on cocoa nibs. The result is a beer that, right now, isn’t quite ready for prime time — it’s just too big of a beer, alcohol-wise to be enjoyed fully. This one needs to be cellared for at least a couple of years for everything to come together.

As it stands, Higher Math carries a medicinal character due primarily to the cherry juice influence and high level of alcohol. I also don’t pick up any cocoa nibs, though they could be hidden underneath the elevated ABV. I might pick up a another couple of bottles of this one if I can find it at the right price. I’m hoping that it all mellows out some after some time in the basement.