Feb 22, 2016

Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale

This is the time of year (well, late December when these notes were taken) that I really enjoy a good Winter warmer — rich, malty, maybe even a little hoppy given the occasion. The last couple of years however, I feel as though I’ve been encountering more cold weather brews that carry a heavy-handed blend of spices as the focus. Great Lake’s Christmas Ale is a 7.5% ABV brew that’s crafted with the addition of honey, ginger and cinnamon — a combination of which comes across much stronger than anticipated.

Up until crossing paths with this brew, I have more than thoroughly enjoyed just about every product that the Cleveland brewery. This one just doesn’t suit my tastes. The cinnamon is quite strong, dominating the flavor as a strong amount of ginger places a close second in terms of over presentation. I never really picked up any honey in the mix. I’m sure that this beer, just like any other beer, has its fans. The flavors just didn’t agree with what I personally wanted in a warming brew on a cold December afternoon.