Nov 10, 2016

Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale

Highland’s Gaelic Ale was the first beer that company brewed (albeit under a different name) in honor of the Scots and Irish who originally settled the Appalachian region. This 5.6% ABV red/amber ale hits all the marks for an easy drinking example of the style — it’s easy to see why this beer has been around for so long. It’s pretty darn tasty.

Crafted with a smooth malt backbone and a complimentary blend of Willamette and Cascade hop varieties, Highland present a nicely balanced experience with Gaelic Ale. Bread, caramel and grain mingle with a gentle hop tingle and grassy notes mingle well as the medium-bodied beer effortlessly flows through to a lasting and satisfying finish.

Gaelic Ale may have a bit of an assuming flavor profile, yet the those it does present combine for a smooth and fulfilling drinking experience. This is a beer that could result in a large number of empty cans at your feet when all is said and done. It just goes down incredibly easy.

This is a review of a promotional sample.