May 17, 2016

Ommegang Shadow Brewer

Brewery Ommegang may be more known for their Belgian-inspired prowess when it comes to crafting tasty brews, but every now and again they release a fairly straightforward beer that also shines. Shadow Brewer is dedicated to all those late-night, off hours brewers that keep the wheels of the craft industry churning along. It’s also a decidedly non-Belgian brew, taking on the form of a 9.7% ABV Russian imperial stout.

Much like the dynamic Belgian-style ales the company crafts, Shadow Brewer is very much a world class offering. It’s a full-bodied stout with great flavor and a refined, smooth overall character. Deep, dark chocolates mingle with espresso notes, a touch of anise and a good bit of hop bitterness that keeps things from getting too decadent.

The Cooperstown brewery continues to impress whether it’s their big quadrupel, Three Philosophers (an fan favorite at BarleyBlog HQ), or some of the limited releases in their partnership with HBO. Shadow Brewer is simply another beer in a long line of excellent products and is a beer that I need to find again.