Mar 21, 2016

Ommegang Soothsayer

Soothsayer is Brewery Ommegang’s latest seasonal offering. It’s also a beer of uncompromising depth that imparts an array of confounding flavors that are derived from just a few simple ingredients — no spices, no adjuncts. And yet, a blend of “simple grains and Ommegang yeast” bring about dark fruits, licorice, distant spices and more all by themselves. This is one of the most complex Belgian-style strong dark ales I’ve encountered in some time.

The 8.9% ABV Soothsayer pours nearly porter like in nature as roasty notes waft from the mouth of the glass. It’s that roastiness that tends to confuse the tastebuds into believing one thing and then, in a cloud of smoke, presenting something else entirely different with an incredible smoothness.

This is a confounding beer. It’s got an array of flavors that I like, but I’m not sure they all entirely work well together, or do they? And that’s the nature of this dark brew. It’s a dynamic brew and one that grows on you as it warms in the glass. I think I’ll have to purchase another bottle of two just to make sure.