Apr 11, 2016

The Bruery Mash

Mash is an English-style barleywine from The Bruery that’s been aged for a little while in bourbon barrels. When I picked this bottle up late last year, I wasn’t sure if I should crack it open immediately or let it sit in the cellar for a bit. Having not had this 12.5% ABV barleywine before made the decision relatively easier — I cracked it open toward the end of January earlier this year.

And much like almost every bottle from The Bruery that I’ve opened, Mash was of a high quality and impeccable presentation. For a big, barrel-aged beer like this, Mash is wonderfully balanced and flavorful. An array of caramel, bourbon and wood dominate while a complimentary amount of hop bitterness take the edge off some of the sweetness that accompanies the rich, malt base.

I can certainly see Mash developing nicely throughout the years. If I come across another bottle (or two) of this brew, I’ll be squirreling them away for a while. This is one heck of a barleywine.