Sep 20, 2016

Three Notch’d The Ghost of the 43rd

I’d been on the look out for The Ghost of the 43rd recently as the number of Three Notch’d beers had been increasing on beer shelves locally. It’s not a whale or a limited release of any kind, but I had heard good things about this 5.1% ABV (35 IBU) American pale ale. The can of beer not only carries a solid, dry-hopped pale ale, but also imparts a little knowledge of the historical figure whose nickname it carries.

Crystal, Simcoe, Citra, and Cascade hop varieties are not only used within the brewing of The Ghost, but they are also employed in further dry-hopping which has given the beer a wonderfully pleasing aroma. Hints of melon and plenty of soft tropical fruits combine with a light malt backbone for a well rounded aroma and flavor that follows suit. The hop bitterness is tame, offering a light tingle to keep things interesting without dominating the palate.

I really liked this little brew. It’s got good flavor and refreshing nature, albeit in a somewhat subdued way. The Ghost has good balance and is an easy drinking brew that not only pleases the tastebuds, but imparts a bit of historical knowledge as well. I can see six-packs of this one sitting in the fridge next Summer frequently.