Nov 17, 2017

Alewerks Bourbon Barrel Porter

I’ve imbibed in Bourbon Barrel Porter, a 9% ABV (40 IBU) treat of a beer from Virginia’s Alewerks Brewing, a few times now, but only just realized recently that I hadn’t given it a proper review on the site. Luckily, this realization occurred shortly after spying a bottle on the shelves of a recent beer run. I was on the hunt for a few beers to review and, knowing that I had enjoyed it previously, I went about my shopping trip. When I realized the folly of my ways, I quickly traced back my steps and snagged one of the few remaining bottles.

This big porter is brewed with Haitian sugar before heading into Virginia Gentlemen barrels for a little nap. The result is a beer that is decadent and rich with a wonderful barrel influence. From the first sniff to the last, slow sip, Bourbon Barrel Porter offers notes of wood, bourbon, anise, molasses, chocolate and espresso all swirling lazily and comfortably around one another. The full-bodied beer carries an appropriate measure of sweetness and warmth as it smoothly glides over the tongue. A light dryness lingers in the lasting finish.

I’m not personally a big fan of the Virginia Gentleman brand of bourbon/whiskey, but I certainly do love what its barrels provide in this wonderful porter. The overall cohesiveness of the entire experience — from mouth-watering aroma to the decadent flavors — is a big reason I keep purchasing the beer each and every year. The brewery certainly have themselves a classic with Bourbon Barrel Porter.