Nov 1, 2017

Alewerks Lover’s Greed

I’ve enjoyed many brews from Virginia’s Alewerks Brewing. Most have been solid efforts while a few others have left not so impressed. Their 7.1% ABV wild ale Lover’s Greed has left me satiated, but also greedy for more. This assertively tart brew displays a level of dynamic flavors that I haven’t encountered from the brewery as of yet. Yes, they craft some great tasting beers, but this one presents itself with more panache than I’ve come to expect.

Lover’s Greed, before it filled my glass with its apricot hue, rested in former Fresh oak red wine barrels for 36 months. Three years this incredible beer has been awaiting its opportunity to shine. And, boy does it. A swiftly building level of wild tartness hits quickly, peaking for a nice long while before eventually fading to the long lasting and clean finish. A solid amount of funkiness, distant fruitiness, old vinous notes and an echo of wood linger in the background swirling about the tastebuds in a teasing manner.

As aggressive as the tartness felt initially I thought Lover’s Greed may just turn out to be a one-dimensional tart-bomb. But it’s not. The beer develops nicely in the glass, allowing that barrel influence and funk to come through in equal measure. This isn’t a beer for everyone. If you’re in need of a tongue buckling pucker that also provides just as much flavor, this one is for you.