Nov 16, 2017

Almanac Splendid Population

I’m a big fan of the sour beers that Alamanac has been shipping to Virginia lately. The bottles are attractive and certainly get your attention, but it’s the tongue-grabbing liquid within that we all come for. Splendid Population is the latest from the company that I’ve encountered and the 8.8% ABV ale packs one hell of a tart punch within its hazy, apricot depths.

Splendid Population is not the beer you hand to that one friend who has never had a sour ale before. This brew is one bad mamma jamma, hitting hard and immediately with a strong sour tartness that’s a bit on the aggressive side. It peaks quickly with old winey notes, a touch of wood and peaches before ultimately decided to fade at a snail’s pace to one of the longest lasting finishes I’ve encountered in a beer before. The label says there are also nectarines and vanilla bean within the beer, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint them due to the impact of the tartness.

Fans of potently tart brews will certainly be interested in any of Almanac’s beers, especially this wonderfully tart and peachy Splendid Population. The assertive tartness takes a few sips to grow accustomed to, but once you’re there, it’s worth the effort. I personally enjoyed the long lasting echo of fruit, wood and wine in that incredible finish.