Mar 20, 2017

Barley Blog Redesign for 2017

The Barley Blog has changed very little since it’s launch in December of 2006. Yes, the design has been tweaked throughout the years, but the overall look and feel has remained relatively the same. That changed this past Sunday when I finally pulled the trigger on the biggest visual change for the website — in the works for a few months.

The biggest driver behind the redesign? Mobile traffic to the Barley Blog has been increasing over the years and is now at 58% of all visitors. The website is now optimized for mobile consumption first, while still displaying nicely for larger devices (tablets and desktops). The design is still responsive so it scales accordingly no matter how you digest the content here.

I’ve also scaled down some of the behind-the-scenes code so that site should be loading quicker now. For instance, there are no longer comments on the web site. They have been removed not because of abuse, but because they weren’t really being used at all. Most comments are provided via social media.

That’s all for now. Thanks.