May 26, 2017

Cascade Blueberry

I cracked open this bottle of Cascade’s Blueberry back on a warm afternoon in late March. The weather was just so damned nice — unlike the mess we’ve been experiencing this May — and just called for something tart, wild and refreshing. This 8.5% ABV brew more than provided the fix I needed as the effervescent mouthfeel delivered a fruity, woody flavor and moderate tartness from start to finish.

Blueberry popped open with a whisk of carbonation smoke, but poured with not a bit of a head. The attractive pink-tinged purple brew sits calmly in the glass, but has plenty to say as the bubble activity rises to the surface endlessly and noisily — almost champagne-like in that regard. The aroma and flavor are fairly one-dimensional when compared to some of Cascade’s other sours as both are dominated by woody notes and loads of blueberries. Of course, there is a tartness that affects both senses, but even then it’s at a fairly approachable level that won’t wreck the palate. Light vinous notes linger gently as the beer satisfies and leaves lightly dry.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cascade Blueberry. I thought it was going to be more fruit-juicy than it actually was, which is a good thing. It packs a solid amount of blueberry flavor and a gentle sweetness thanks to the barrel influence and souring — both keep the big beer from getting to juicy in that regard. It’s not as layered as some, but the flavor profile and moderate tartness still provided an excellent experience.