Oct 19, 2017

Clown Shoes Crasher in the Rye 2017

Clown Shoes Brewing makes some pretty damn good stouts. For the 2017 iteration of their Crasher in the Rye (11.5% ABV), the company took their base beer (Undead Party Crasher), swapped out the smoked malt for rye and tossed the dark concoction into rye barrels where it sat for a good long while prior to bottling.

The result is an outstanding brew that displays a dynamic array of flavors. Dark chocolate, oats, rye whiskey, vanilla, lactose and peppery rye swirl around one another with each decadent sip. Old wood, dark fruits and anise linger at the edges while a sticky sweetness clings to the lips. The full-bodied and viscous Crasher in the Rye glides smoothly to a warming and long lasting finish. This is a big and cloying beer meant to be sipped after a filling meal.

I thoroughly enjoyed Crasher in the Rye. The whole experience was spot on for a big, barrel-aged beer like this. I loved not just the rye whiskey influence, but also the spicy rye malt as it mingled with the dessert-like sweetness. I don’t get around to too many Clown Shoes’ brews, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss this one the next time they release.