Jun 7, 2017

Epic Brewing Oak and Orchard Pinot

I spied this bottle (and another variant) of Epic Brewing’s Oak and Orchard a couple of months ago. The newish series from the Utah brewery was announced in September of last year I believe. The barrel-aged series features a variety of sour ales aged on different fruits. This particular brew utilizes blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry, strawberry and plum within the mix prior to sitting in retired Pinot barrels for a length of time.

The 8.2% ABV ale has a sour tartness that arrives and peaks quickly before fading to a lingering tingle almost as swiftly. The assertive sourness is refreshing and tempered by an array of berry flavors and plum that persist from start to long lasting finish. A hint of wood and distant vinous notes linger at the edges of this lively brew.

Epic’s Oak and Orchard Pinot isn’t a revolutionary beer or anything that we really having seen before, but it is one that is artfully crafted and full flavored. Everything is nicely presented and I particularly loved the fruit traits as they teeter on the edge of balance with the forwardness of the sour tartness. The crisp carbonation and medium body help make the beer a refreshing and lively experience.