Oct 3, 2017

Heritage 1783 Anniversary

In 1783, the United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the revolutionary war and establishing American independence. This big, American Strong Ale (17% ABV) from Heritage Brewing is a blend of barrel-aged beers that may be named after that event, but was created to celebrate the company’s own third year in existence. 1783 Anniversary Ale sees the brewery combine nine different barrels, some holding their liquid gold for up to 33 months.

The result is a beer layered with an array of flavors. Woody notes, caramel, booze, vanilla and a hint of dark cherries wash smoothly over the palate on a slightly viscous mouthfeel. There’s a little something in this bottle that probably shouldn’t be present, grabbing the tongue gently with a hint of wild tartness. It’s not enough to fully distract from all that is going on in this big beer, but still draws your attention away from the experience.

Heritage Brewing has produced some fine, barrel-aged brews over the past couple of years. Many of them I’ve set aside for an extended stay in my cellar. Big beers likes 1783 Anniversary need some time to mellow and come together over time. With that hint of wild tartness lingering at the edges in this particular bottle, I may not take a chance with my remaining bottles. While I mull that decision, maybe I’ll have a couple pints of their Nitro Sovereign Stout.