Sep 6, 2017

New Belgium Sour Saison

New Belgium’s Sour Saison in the latest release in their newish Belgian Reserve line of beers. This 7% ABV (18 IBU) is actually a blend of two different beers. The first is an earthy French-style farmhouse ale while the second is a foeder-aged sour golden ale. I’m not sure of the blend ratio, but the company has managed to create a beer that is rustic and refreshingly tart all the while remaining invitingly approachable.

Sour Saison washes over the palate with ease, delivering a welcome blend of balanced flavors from start to lightly drying finish. Melon, honey, a soft funk, grain and an earthy quality combine with latent vinous notes, a hint of wood and a moderate sour tartness in an array of traits that fully compliment one another. The rustic traits of the saison work wonderfully with the bright wild tartness of the golden ale while still keeping a level of approachability that allows just about any one along the craft beer spectrum to find something to enjoy.

New Belgium has been know to make some tasty brews in their time, but the skill it takes to blend two different beers to create something as cohesive as Sour Saison is impressive. The beer has an excellent flavor, deceptive drinkability and a welcome level of tartness that refreshes more than puckers your tastebuds. There’s a delicate balance in play here that delivers a wonderful drinking experience.

This is a review of a promotional sample.