Sep 27, 2017

Schlafly Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year. October is almost upon us, the weather is getting cooler — unless, of course if you live in Virginia where we’ll be hitting almost 90° today — and Oktoberfest and pumpkin brews abound. I’m a big fan of marzen/Oktoberfest and if the air outside were cooler, I’d have a fridge full of them instead of all the IPAs that I currently have now. One of those brews that I would be holding on to would be Schlafly’s own tasty Oktoberfest.

This 5.5% ABV (25 IBU) Oktoberfest is a satisfying brew that hits all the right marks for my own personal preferences. It’s built on a rich (but not too rich) malt backbone with just the right amount of bready notes, grain, a touch of caramel and distant echo of stone fruits. It’s an easy drinking beer that was wonderfully refreshing yesterday as the warm September afternoon waned — so much so, that both samples disappeared alarmingly quick. To keep the malt from becoming too much or sweet, a gentle hop tingle lingers long into the lasting finish as you crack open another bottle.

I’m a cooler weather person. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and a beer like Schlafly Oktoberfest is an ideal option for sitting on the back deck — a slight chill in the air — having raked all of the downed leaves in the backyard. Or, as was the case with Virginia’s weather yesterday, relaxing in the shade, escaping the heat of a Summer that just won’t end.

This is a review of a promotional sample.