Jun 5, 2017

Three Notch’d Stage Road

Charlottesville’s Three Notch’d Brewing is one local company that continues to impress with just about each and every beer of theirs that I encounter. Their latest offering that I picked up (and enjoyed back in late March) is a bit Wee Heavy aged in Virginia Distillery Company whiskey barrels. I’m not sure how long this 8.3% ABV brew rested in barrel, but its flavors suit those imparted by the wood perfectly. The end beer is incredibly smooth and full-flavored — simply a beer that I could sip from all night long.

The base flavors of the wee heavy work incredibly well with the barrel influence as rich malt, caramel and hints of dark fruits mingle cleanly with wood, whiskey and light vanilla from start to finish. This is one of those beers where everything compliments one another, building and coexisting wonderfully. Nearly full-bodied, the beer also presents itself on a lightly viscous mouthfeel that glides effortlessly across the palate, leaving a lasting dark fruit and soft warmth lingering in its wake.

Three Notch’d Stage Road is rich without becoming overly decadent. It’s full flavored and gloriously smooth with plenty of barrel influence. I could sip on this beer all night, sitting on the back deck listening to Spring arrive. I hope the big wee heavy makes another appearance next year — I’d love to squirrel away a few bottles of it in basement for a bit.