Jun 29, 2017

Trinity Brewing Red Swingline

I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever heard the term — or even really know what it means — “IPA Primitif,” but that’s what we’ve got here with Trinity Brewing’s Red Swingline. I’m going to assume there’s not much meaning behind it except some marketing spin on a sour IPA. Regardless, this 4.1% ABV barrel-aged and soured IPA is outstanding. It’s easy to see why it was named a Draft Magazine’s top beer in the world at one point.

The IPA is brewed with fruit-forward hop varieties, tangerine zest and coriander before set aside to age for a bit in Chardonnay barrels with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. As expected, this little brew carries a big flavor that is both dynamic and ever evolving — expect it to change dramatically over time if you decide to cellar. I’m not entirely sure how old (or young) my particular bottle was, but I can tell you that it carries smooth pine, a wild funkiness, grapefruit and citrus zest as a light-to-moderate tartness, coriander, wood, soft banana and vinous notes all join in at some point in varying degrees. The effect is almost a different flavor profile with each sip.

Red Swingline and it’s soured IPA brethren may be new on my beer radar, but I’m hoping to continue to find these beers on a regular basis. They’re a nice change of pace from your standard sour ale or fruity IPA. Those flavors combined make for an interesting distraction that certainly isn’t traditional by any means and one that I’m starting to embrace. This particular brew was outstanding.