Aug 28, 2017

Trinity Hopped Toddy

I had this bottle of Trinity Hopped Toddy for a few months before finally deciding to open it late one evening in July. The 13.8% ABV braggot could have certainly gone for much longer in the basement, but I was in the mood for a big sipper and this brew hit the spot nicely. This big beer is made with 48% honey and 52% grains, along with ginger, lemon zest and a variety of teas before heading into bourbon barrels for a period of time. It is certainly not your typical braggot.

The lightly viscous brew has a soft effervescent character as loads of honey, tea, ginger, bourbon and woody notes glide over the palate. There’s a touch of herbal or medicinal numbness on the tongue late after each sip. A solid amount of maltiness is also present keeping that honey sweetness in check nicely. For such a larger beer, Hopped Toddy goes down dangerously smoothly — it’s not overly hot or warming.

I really enjoyed Hopped Toddy. It’s a vastly different beer than you typically cross paths with and it’s got a flavor profile that is refined and smooth without being aloof or pretentious. The beer is quite approachable and deceptively easy drinking. I love the array of flavors that the big beer presents as it glides over the tongue with each sip. It would probably be better suited for a cold Winter’s night, but I was in the mood for a beer just like this.