Sep 8, 2017

Wicked Weed Old Fashioned

I’ve never sat at a bar and ordered an Old Fashioned — the bourbon-based drink typically made with sugar, bitters and a twist of citrus. I personally prefer my bourbon neat or with an ice cube, but if the previously mentioned drink tastes anywhere as fun and enjoyable as Wicked Weed’s Old Fashioned, I might have to check one out. This 10% ABV American strong ale is, you guessed it, brewed with orange peel (and a bit of cherry) before heading into bourbon barrels for a length of time.

The result is a beer that is unequivocally smooth with just the right amount of fruit influence to accompany its rich, full bourbony flavor. The solid malt backbone is the perfect support mechanism for a good bit of barrel influence as distant cherries, a touch of fruity tartness, citrus notes and caramel combine for a well balanced presentation. As expected, the big beer finishes with a comforting warmth and a long lasting echo of the flavors that just glided over the tongue.

Old Fashioned is certainly an interesting brew. I can’t compare it to its liquor-based namesake, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed its mellow sweetness and solid bourbon influence. The touch of cherry and citrus were a nice bonus to the nicely crafted brew. I’d be curious to see how the flavors presented themselves after a bit of cellaring — maybe I’ll have to pick up another bottle next year.