May 11, 2018

Almanac Astounding Enterprises

It’s been almost a full year since Almanac beers started showing up in my area. And in that time I have come to anticipate extraordinary things from each bottle I purchase. The appropriately titled Astounding Enterprises meets (and probably exceeds) those expectations by providing a wonderfully potent sour tartness and dynamic array of flavors. This wine barrel-aged Flanders-style Red Ale may be my favorite product from this company that I have encountered thus far.

The 9.2% Astounding Enterprises is a blend of imperial ales barrel-aged with merlot grapes, raspberries, cacao and vanilla beans. The resulting concoction really is astounding as a enamel-peeling level of sour tartness peaks swiftly before ultimately relenting to a long lasting and playful tingle, allowing a swirling array of wood, vinous notes and a smooth raspberry flavor to rise smoothly. The crisp ale carries everything to a long lasting finish that begs for more and leaves an impression. The only thing that I’m personally missing is the cacao and vanilla. I get some of them in the nose, but not sure my tastebuds are sophisticated enough to pick them up when sipping on this tasty brew.

Almanac Beer continues to impress and Astounding Enterprises keeps that tradition alive with an incredible blend of flavors and refinement. I’ve had extremely sour beers similar to this one, but they don’t carry the developed flavor profile that this California brewery has managed to incorporate. That balance between flavor and tartness is a tough one to master, but it appears as though this crew is well on their way. I look forward to buying more of these tasty treats in the future.