Jul 27, 2018

Center of the Universe Chin Music

While I love IPAs and big, roasty stouts, it’s not secret that I really dig a snappy, crisp lager. A good one seems to be hard to find in our craft beer world, but every once in a while you cross paths with something that really widens your eyes. Most however, tend to just muddle their way through life. Center of the Universe’s Chin Music isn’t the best lager in the land, but it certainly has aspirations.

The 4.5% ABV amber lager is brewed with four malts, Czech yeast and German Tettnang hops. The result is a pretty tasty lager that displays a clean, even-keeled nature and excellent balance. Bready notes, caramel, grain and soft yeast are paired well with a light-to-moderate level of hop bitterness for an easy drinking character. Everything sits within Chin Music at appropriate levels as a lightly crisp carbonation refreshes gently, leading to a lightly drying finish.

Chin Music is a good lager. It’s got great balance and that character that allows you to enjoy a few on the back deck after a busy day in the Summer heat. There’s a bit of refinement that’s missing, but that’s not going to stop the pile of empty cans from growing by many a lawn chair in the next month or two. The balance on display here is impressive and given the available options any given day, this could become a go-to lager.