Aug 8, 2018

Fortnight Call the Hops

Back in June, I enjoyed some time with the family down in the Outer Banks. It’s a yearly pilgrimage that offers me the opportunity to hit up local breweries and package shops to stock up on beers that I would otherwise not be able to check out. Fortnight’s Call the Hops (a 6% ABV New England style IPA) was one can that travelled home with me on this most recent excursion.

The can sported a “best by” date of August 31, 2018 at the time that I cracked it open back in early July so it probably wasn’t as fresh as the brewery probably wanted to have it enjoyed. Regardless the milky/cloudy IPA does present a strong flowery aroma and flavor that leads the way for soft tropical fruit notes, herbal traits and distant pine. It’s not a lusciously fruity presentation, but the brew still has an interesting profile, if a bit too flowery for my own liking. There’s a decent amount of dryness long after each swallow.

Call the Hops was an interesting beer. I enjoyed the earthy orange peel that persists throughout the drinking experience and the pine that started to show through more as it warmed in the glass. I, personally, could have done without the flowery hop character as it does come across a bit perfumey. Aside from that, the IPA served as a good introduction to a brewery I hadn’t crossed paths with prior and look forward to exploring with my next visit.