Jan 29, 2018

Kindred Spirit Strawberry Milkshake

Let’s get this right out in the open first thing. Kindred Spirit’s Strawberry Milkshake is a unique and, frankly, weird beer. I’m all for having fun with beer — and sometimes it works while other times it doesn’t. This particular 8% ABV ale is one that sort of works, but you’ve really got to be a fan of strawberries. Aside from the strawberries that drive the brew’s personality, there’s also a healthy amount of lactose and oats that contribute mightily, as well.

I purchased this can of Strawberry Milkshake, knowing full well what I was getting into, but I’m a curious beer drinker and always open to sampling intriguing beers. This particular one isn’t as polarizing as others and I’m sure it will have its fans, but for me, it’s just weird — and is yet oddly satisfying. To tell you the truth, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. The strawberry influence is smooth and tasty while the oats and lactose create the impression of a full-bodied experience as well as adding that milk-like character needed to complete the magic trick.

You’ve got to applaud Kindred Spirit’s ability to pull these flavors together without adding a pile of adjuncts into the mix. This is a fun brew and one that entertained my wife and I while we discussed its oddball nature, but it’s also a beer that I can’t really imagine purchasing again. But then again, perhaps that’s what the brewers of gimmicky beers like this want from them — a point of discussion to attract/keep customers.