Jun 13, 2018

Right Proper Astral Weeks

Right Proper’s Raised by Wolves, a 5% ABV pale ale, set the tone nicely as an introduction to the D.C. brewery. It presented an easy drinking and refreshing character that hit the spot nicely and definitely made sure that I would keep my eyes open for more of the company’s products in future shopping trips. And that’s exactly what happened when I spied this bottle fo Astral Weeks on shelves back in early May.

This 4.4% ABV was fermented in a French oak foeder with Right Proper’s house blend of wild yeasts for months before it was then dry-hopped with Ekuanot and Comet varieties. The result is a beer that smells great with plenty of woodiness, wild traits, soft funk, grass and soft floral notes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite translate successfully to the tastebuds. Astral Weeks doesn’t taste bad by any means. In fact, all of the those elements from the aroma are there in varying degrees.

The problem with this beer is the body and mouthfeel. For this style of beer, the mouthfeel is incredibly soft — it’s just lifeless without the required crispness and a lively carbonation to drive the flavors across the palate. The wile ale is just sort of there as it transitions to a fairly chalky-dry finish. If the lack of body doesn’t bug you, then I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the grain, funky yeast and grassy hop notes that are presented throughout the experience.

Astral Weeks isn’t a bad beer. It’s not off or infected or anything like that. This is the case where a lack of body and mouthfeel can really affect a drinking experience. Had there been a more lively character, I’m sure that I would have enjoyed the beer that much more.