May 18, 2018

Surly Brewing and First Avenue +1

Surly Brewing and First Avenue, a local (for folks in Minneapolis) music venue, have come together for a tasty collaboration in +1. This 5.1% ABV golden ale was crafted to serve as “the kind of beer we like to drink at a show” according to head brewer, Ben Smith. I think they’ve managed to create just that — an unassuming yet completely tasty and crushable brew that would be at home in a circle pit or on your back deck after a long day’s work.

+1 presents a straightforward, simple flavor profile engineered to refresh and invigorate with a light body and crispness that carries hints of cereal, yeast, soft honey notes, grassy hops and lingering fruity notes with each sip. A gentle hop bitterness tingles long into the lasting finish. The golden ale doesn’t aim to be an over achiever, instead I feel it’s quite content serving a singular purpose. It’s a clean, well rounded brew that won’t leave you staggering after a show if you’ve decided to have a couple.

Not every beer needs to confuse the tastebuds with over indulgence or require a PhD in rocket science to enjoy. Surly’s +1 is simply a classic beer with great flavor and easy drinking nature that would be perfectly comfortable in any scenario whether it be at your favorite music venue, local bar or chilling out with your pooch enjoying a lazy afternoon. It’s simply, clean and hits the spot nicely.

This is a review of a promotional sample.