Sep 18, 2019

Austin Street Florens

Not every beer that crosses my path is good. In fact, a large majority are just not good – whether poorly made or infected to some degree. This can of Florens came courtesy a family member and, well, it’s not good.

The aroma is full of stewed veggies which is not what you want to encounter when shoving your nose into the open end of your glass. Hints of grapefruit and pine are also present, but the smell is just not pleasant. The flavor, thankfully isn’t as bad, but it’s also not all that great.

There’s no unpleasant flavors once the beer hits the tastebuds, but there’s also just not a whole lot of flavor to begin with. A touch of pine, grapefruit and distant leafy notes tease while a light-to-moderate bitterness lingers.

I’m not sure if this one is old or if something went sideways in the brewing/packaging process, but this beer just wasn’t good. I believe I made it a third of the way through the glass before I had to dump it. These things happen.