Feb 7, 2019

Oskar Blues Bamburana Imperial Stout

Bamburana is a collaboration between Oskar Blues and Cigar City — two companies that certainly know how to craft an excellent stout. So you’d expect one which brings that expertise together in a single product to be pretty damn good. And, you’d be right. This 12.2% ABV imperial stout is outstanding to say the least.

Brewed with figs and dates, the big stout also features Amburana wood spirals before heading into brandy and whiskey barrels for aging. I’m not sure if the same brew went into both barrels or if this is a blend of the two. Regardless, the barrel (and spiral) influences are incredibly well managed. The brandy and whiskey are in play along with a wonderfully woody char, but neither overtakes any other element of the flavor profile.

Everything, from the dark fruits to the barrel influences of vanilla, anise, s’mores, light coconut and soft roast all work cohesively in a unified front. The viscous brew carries the decadent flavors over the palate effortlessly as a trailing sweetness and warmth echo gently for a good long while.

As stated in the aroma notes, the beer gives off a homey and welcoming presence of s’mores which I can only assume is due to the various woody influences. The trait doesn’t really go beyond that as the flavor profile presents more whiskey, brandy and those dark fruits. Bamburana is a wonderful experience from start to finish.

This is a review of a promotional sample.