Jul 17, 2019

Surly Rocket Surgery

In addition to their Dots and Loops, Surly is also updating their Summer Seaonal variety IPA pack with Rocket Surgery. This 5.5% ABV hazy brew was designed to have the juicy hop character of your standard “haze bomb,” as well as a lower alcohol content for more of an easier drinking experience.

Was it hard bringing in Citra and Simcoe hop varieties to accomplish this feat? Well, according to the press sheet that accompanied this sample — it’s brewing, not rocket surgery. And so you have this tasty little IPA.

Looking more like pineapple fruit juice with a fluffy head of foam, Rocket Surgery certainly is hazy. It’s also got an aroma that is packed with tropical and citrus notes of pineapple and grapefruit. A nice level of pine resin fits in nicely as hints of honey and floral notes linger in the distance.

A relatively soft mouthfeel and lower level of hop bitterness make for an experience that is quite approachable for any one looking to explore IPAs, but aren’t always a fan of the bite. The IPA isn’t overly fruity as that touch of pine helps keep it in check along with that lingering tingle of hop bitterness.

All together, Rocket Surgery is a darn-near chuggable IPA that quenches thirsts like it was its j-o-b. I think I personally prefer Dots and Loops a bit more (thanks to the moderate bitterness), but this hazy ale more definitely hits the spot.

This is a review of a promotional sample.