Nov 2, 2009

Troegs Java Head Stout

Troegs Java Head Stout

I saw this one on the shelves of Total Wine a couple of weeks ago and, being a big fan of Troegs Brewing, immediately added a bottle to the cart. Plus, I like skulls so any time a beer label has a skull worked into the design in one way or another, I’m a sucker to buy.


Java Head pours a dark, dark brown with a light tan head that faded pretty slowly.


I get a good dose of piny hops up front with a light chocolate. The coffee is very subtle in the nose.


Much like the nose, the coffee in this one is very light, hiding more in the finish of the brew with a slight hop bitterness. The up front flavor is dominated by a little cocoa and piny hop combination that’s quite interesting. This one is nice and creamy with a smooth mouthfeel.


This was certainly a different take on a coffee infused stout. I’m used to getting much more of a coffee punch in the flavor and felt it was a bit too mild in this one. I did enjoy the hop presence mixing with the cocoa and coffee, however. Overall, not a bad brew. I’ll have to get another bottle to see how it does with some cellaring.

Rating: 3/5

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