Apr 26, 2011

East Coast Beach Haus

This is a review of a promotional sample received from the brewery.

I love the artwork on these bottles. It just screams of fun at the beach — which is where I wouldn’t mind enjoying a tasty beverage right about now.

Formed in 2007, East Coast Beer Company has only been around for a few years, but their flagship Beach Haus, officially launched last Summer, appears to be gaining steam in their native New Jersey. A pre-prohibition style American Pilsner by design, the beer is brewed with all American ingredients, including Mt. Hood hops — giving the beer a welcome floral nose and light hop bite on the palate.

East Coast Brewing samplesI accidentally deleted my photo of the pour, so this one will have to do.


A thin white head rests atop the straw yellow brew, fading slowly to a patchy lacing.


Lightly toasted bread, subtle floral hops and a touch of lemony citrus all combine for an inviting and refreshing aroma.


This is a nicely balanced, yet subtle brew. Nothing really jumps out at you upon the first couple of sips, but there is a light bit of hop bitterness in the crisp finish. A touch of light citrus and grass compliment the light cereal grains that is the beer’s backbone. It’s an easy drinking and refreshing brew.


You get the feeling that Beach Haus is brewed for one reason and one reason only — to be enjoyed at the beach. It’s not brewed with the mindset of winning awards. It’s meant to be enjoyed with your friends in the sand and heat of Summer. I’d be up for a few of these after working hard around the house on a hot weekend, that’s for sure.

Rating: 3.75/5

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