Feb 14, 2011

Williamsburg Alewerks Coffeehouse Stout

Williamsburg Alewerks Coffeehouse Stout label

Last October I had a tasty stout from Williamsburg Alewerks that was also brewed with coffee. That imperial stout, the brewery’s Cafe Royale, was aged for a short time in bourbon barrels. This milk stout, on the other hand, weighs in at 5.4% ABV and does not go through any barrel aging.

I really enjoyed Cafe Royale, but it didn’t have as much of a bourbon presence as I had hoped. That didn’t stop me from enjoying a couple of bottles since then. It also peeked my interest for more stouts from the brewery, which ultimately brings us to Coffeehouse Stout. Brewed with Guatamala Antigua coffee, this milk stout was a great beer to enjoy on a cold afternoon late last week.


Pouring near black, this stout looks good in a glass with a small light brown head that disappeared quickly.


Just as I would expect, the nose is filled with coffee, light chocolates and roasted malts. It smells damn good.


The flavor profile matches the nose perfectly. Medium roast coffee with a sweet hint of chocolate mixes nicely with a light bitterness that fades quickly leaving behind a smooth drinking brew. There’s not a hint of any alcohol in the brew and the finish is not as dry as many coffee stouts I’ve enjoyed. This is a tasty brew.


I really enjoyed this brew and in the end I think I prefer it over the larger ABV, bourbon barrel aged bigger brother. While the addition of the bourbon was a nice touch, the Coffeehouse Stout is just too smooth and easy drinking to not want to pick up one or two more.

Rating: 3.75/5

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