Nov 15, 2012

Maine Beer Company Peeper Ale

My only other experience with Maine Beer Company was in a tasty collaborative effort — with Allagash and Rising Tide — in the form of Prince Tuesday. I’m not entirely sure of the size of the brewery, but I certainly didn’t expect to ever see any of their products as far south as Virginia again, at least not without collaborating with bigger breweries like Allagash. And I certainly didn’t expect them to deliver one hell of a beer in Peeper Ale.

This 5.5% ABV American pale ale is made with American 2-Row, CaraPils, Vienna and Red Wheat malts before a handful of hop varieties (US Magnum, Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial) are added at various points in the brewing process. The end result is one of the more balanced, clean and refreshing pale ales I’ve had in a good bit of time.


Peeper Ale pours pale straw in color with a large, frothy white head that fell slowly to sparse lacing and patchy surface cover.


Lightly toasted bread, grain, grapefruit, light citrus, grassy notes and a touch of pine all come together in this very clean nose.


The hop profile is less citrusy when it hits the tongue, but still carries a floral character with hints of grass and pine. The backing malt base has a lightly toasted, bready nature with a touch of sweetness that is balanced out nicely by the moderate hop bitterness. The crisp carbonation and slightly dry, clean finish makes for a refreshing pale ale.


I made a big mistake by not picking up more of this beer when I first ran across it — I can’t find it anywhere now. Well balanced, nicely crafted and just down-right tasty, Peeper Ale is a great example of a pale ale. Its brings a smooth drinking and appropriately bitter hop profile that shows restraint and refinement not seen in many of its peers. I really wish I can purchased more of this one.

Rating: 4.25/5

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