Aug 15, 2013

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA

I was at the store the other day and ran across this bottle of Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. The brewery’s name sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure that I had actually enjoyed any of their offerings before. A quick scan of my mental tasting library revealed that I had in fact never heard of this Michigan company before. Well, if this 6.5% ABV IPA is any indication of the quality with which their beers are made, then I will most definitely be on the look out for their stuff in future trips.

Crooked Tree IPA is based on the West coast style of IPA, but with a more balanced character. Yes, there is plenty of hoppy goodness within it’s tasty depths. There is also a welcome and appropriate measure of malt in there as well, setting everything up nicely for a smooth drinking experience. My only complaint with the beer is that I didn’t buy nearly enough of it.


Amber in color, Crooked Tree IPA sits with a tawny cap of foam that fell gently to a patchy surface covering.


This beer has a great mix of soft pine, juicy citrus notes (grapefruit and tangerine come to mind) and a supporting base of bready, lightly toasted malt.


A grassy, citrusy hop character rides the crisp carbonation through a caramel malt middle before settling in with a moderate sweetness and lingering hop bite. Both grapefruit and tangerine make an appearance here as well as a measure of pine that lasts a good while in the moderate amount of bitterness. The beer is refreshing (though perhaps a bit too active with regards to the carbonation) with a semi-dry finish.


I do love a well rounded and balanced IPA. Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA is just that — the brewery’s “Intense Transfer Methods” (whatever that is) brings a solid amount of fruitiness to this smooth drinking beer. I just wish I had gone back to pick up more before it disappeared from shelves.

Rating: 4/5

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