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May 15, 2014

Dark Horse Plead the 5th

I’ve had a few Dark Horse brews throughout the years. Few have been quite tasty (Crooked Tree IPA) while most have been […]

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Jan 13, 2014

Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock

Besides a few cups of good ole H2O every day, the only other liquids to make it into my body are coffee […]

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Oct 21, 2013

Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale

Back in August, I happened across a bottle of Dark Horse Brewing Crooked Tree IPA and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my […]

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Aug 15, 2013

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA

I was at the store the other day and ran across this bottle of Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. The brewery’s name […]

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