Nov 27, 2013

Great Divide Nomad

The pilsner is the unsung hero of my beer fridge. It’s the style of beer that refreshes and satisfies no matter the occasion, the weather or the time of day/night. And it’s always a surprise whenever one mysteriously appears in the back of that magical, temperature-control box. What I’m saying is there is absolutely nothing like a quality pilsner. And Great Divide have just such a beer with their Nomad.

This 5.4% ABV pilsner has an earthy, grainy (not texture-wise) character that is complimented nicely by a moderate amount of hop bitterness. Nomad drinks easily and smoothly — and consequently, disappears all too quickly from my glass.


The brew pours golden yellow in color with a dense, frothy cap of white foam.

Great Divide Nomad photo


Nomad smells bright and active with hints of fruit, grain, bready malt, cereal and light, grassy hops. It smells darn good.


This beer is also pretty darn tasty. Grain and bready malt drive the flavors with a light fruitiness and late forming, grassy hop character. There’s an appropriate amount of sweetness as well as a smooth, zippy bite of bitterness late in the lingering and dry finish. The beer has a clean and refreshing nature that just begs you to crack open another bottle.


There’s just something about the way a good pilsner hits the tongue. If you ask me, that initial wash of flavors is like nothing else in the beer world. Nomad has that nature and drinks just as well. It’s a solid offering that will be sure to see my fridge especially as the temperatures begin to climb in early spring.

Rating: 3.75/5

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