Nov 13, 2013

Green Flash Brewing Green Bullet

I’m not entirely sure what a “Triple IPA” is, but that’s what Green Flash Brewing has tacked on the label of their new seasonal release, Green Bullet. I’m going to guess it’s just a marketing gimmick, as this brew carries all of the same characteristics as a wonderfully hopped Imperial IPA. It weighs in at 10.1% ABV and has a decidedly West Coast flavor spectrum when it comes to the fruity, piney hops (New Zealand’s Green Bullet™ to be specific).

Putting the style labeling aside, what we’ve got here in Green Bullet is a product that showcases not only the characteristics of the hop variety employed, but also how dangerously drinkable a big beer like this can be. As stated, the brew packs a sizable potency, but is also a smooth brew despite a solid amount of hop bitterness that lingers nicely after each drink.


The beer pours amber in color with a large, rocky column of tawny foam.

Green Flash Green Bullet Imperial IPA photo


Tons of resinous pine and grapefruit with hints of orange and other citrus fruits fill the nose quickly and assertively. The nose is definitely one-sided with just the weakest of malt notes in the background.


Wow. Pine resin, grapefruit, pineapple and tangerine fill the mouth immediately with a juicy hop character. For an Imperial IPA, the malt sweetness level is lighter than most as the wash of hop flavors fade gently in the lasting finish, leaving behind a moderate-to-high level of bitterness that grabs the tongue gently, but not in a fashion to render the beer undrinkable. Hints of bread and grain are present as well as a nice earthy quality. For as much alcohol that this beer presents, it’s well masked, only showing itself slightly in the semi-drying finish.


If Green Flash Brewing knows anything, it’s IPAs. From their classic West Coast IPA to the taste bud destroying Palate Wrecker, the company just knows how to employ hops in a myriad of ways. Green Bullet is no exception as this is probably the best beer from this company that I’ve encountered thus far.

Rating: 4.25/5

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